Carolyn Harris: We’ll fight to pull the plug on Fixed Odds Betting terminals for good

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. Four words that I have probably said more than any others in the last three years.

Four words that sound quite innocent.

But four words that have caused devastation to those cursed with an addiction to playing these machines. And to their families.

When I first started campaigning for a reduction in the stakes on FOBTs, I was a newly elected Member of Parliament.

Taking the lead on this genuinely cross-party campaign, I was possibly out of my depth and probably naive.

I was passionate and determined enough to speak up for people who were battling against the hold these electronic demons had over their lives Image: Images

But I was passionate and ­determined enough to speak up for people who were battling against the hold these electronic demons had over their lives.

Getting the stake reduced seemed almost impossible in those early days but as the months passed I began to realise I could make a difference.

I was no longer the new, ­inexperienced MP. I was someone who people were listening to, someone quite capable of taking on the bookmakers and winning.

I was therefore delighted on May 17 when the Government announced a stake reduction for fixed odds betting terminals from £100 to £2 per spin.

This welcome, and long overdue, change will see potential losses for individual gamblers plummet from £18,000 an hour to only £360.

I was delighted on May 17 when the Government announced a stake reduction for fixed odds betting terminals from £100 to £2 per spin Image: REUTERS

This will be life-changing, agen piala dunia possibly even life-saving, for many gambling ­addicts up and down the country. To have worked with ­colleagues from across the House to achieve this historic milestone makes me very proud.

To have achieved something that will so reduce the causes of problem ­gambling and the related harm makes me even ­prouder.

Since the Government first ­announced its consultation on stakes back in October 2016, £3billion has been lost on fixed-odds betting ­terminals – often by those who can least afford it.

Last year alone, 230,000 ­people lost more than £1,000 on one of these toxic machines. For many the losses were much ­higher. This needs to stop – and it needs to stop quickly.

Every day that passes is another day that threatens vulnerable addicts.

Last year alone, 230,000 people lost more than £1,000 on one of these toxic machines

The bookmakers’ argument that they need time to make technical ­adjustments to the machines is ­nonsense. This can happen quickly.

Government ministers are saying they can reduce the stake only once they ­increase the duty on online ­gambling and that this could take up to two years. While I agree that online operators should be taxed more, this timescale is totally unacceptable.

The Punter’s In-Play Blog: Molinari poised for historic third home title

Forecasted bad weather has seen the tee times brought forward in Ohio so with both final rounds being played out simultaneously, we’re set for a busy afternoon. Our man looks at the current state of play at both events here…

08:25 – June 03, 2018

One week after winning the BMW PGA Championship, Francesco Molinari has positioned himself nicely to claim his third Italian Open title. Here are the latest standings with prices to back at 8:15.

-16 Lee Slattery 8.6-15 Francesco Molinari 3.55-15 Thorbjorn Olesen 6.4-14 Martin Kaymer 10.5-14 Danny Willett 18.0-13 Rafa Cabrera-Bello 14.0-13 Andy Sullivan 19.5-13 Haotong Li 22.0-13 Jordan Smith 30.0-12 and 30.0 bar

Lee Slattery’s nine-under-par 62 in round three is the round of the week so far and it sees him leading by one but whether he can stay there is highly debatable. Following one low round with another is never easy and Slattery isn’t the most prolific. situs judi online The 39-year-old is playing in his 365th European Tour event and he’s looking for just his third win. And whether we can read too much in to it is debatable but all five previous third round leaders at this venue were beaten.

Last week’s Wentworth winner, Molinari, is the man to beat. So far this week he’s ranked first for Greens In Regulation and Scrambling and his bogey at the sixth hole in round three yesterday is a collector’s item. That’s his only dropped shot over the first 54 holes and three rounds of 66 have put him in a terrific position to become the only Italian to win their national title three times.

Molinari’s handled himself brilliantly so far this week and if he can keep his cool as well as he did last Sunday he’s going to take some stopping but it’s possible that the magnitude of the situation hits home at some stage. Jockeying for position over the first three rounds is one thing, delivering the goods on payday in front of an adoring crowd, when mental fatigue must be a consideration, is something else though and I fancy the man alongside him in a tie for second, Thorbjorn Olesen, represents better value at more than twice the price.

The Dane has been in the wilderness for some time now and having won European Tour titles in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016, as well as the World Cup with Soren Kjeldsen in 2016 and the GolfSixes with Lucas Bjerregaard last year, Olesen will feel it’s about time he won again.

Olesen’s already been matched at less than 21 but he finished his third round tardily. He failed to birdie the par five 15th and bogeyed 16 before parring the last two holes.

Ari Lewski Provides A Unique Insight Into The Next Generation Of Betting

Hammersmith, London – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The first key change we’ve observed is in connection and engagement with sports betting millennials.

There have been a lot of changes in the betting industry over the past fifteen years – more than in the previous forty. From about 1961 to around 2000, cash betting remained virtually the same until the industry saw some minor regulatory adjustments; however, it wasn’t until online betting and daily fantasy sports DFS started to take hold that real changes were seen.

In the past four to five years, in particular, there have been a lot of changes in user trends in sports betting, including the increased prevalence and prominence of player performance aka player prop betting. One company that has been at the forefront of this shift in user preferences and in many ways been a pioneer for the innovation in player prop betting is Digital Sports Tech DST. DST Director and industry expert, Ari Lewski, has been closely observing the changes in sports betting to help ensure DST continues to be at the forefront of industry advancements and has valuable insight into where sports betting is headed.

“The first key change we’ve observed is in connection with the next generation of users coming through,” says Lewski. “These users, agen sbobet commonly referred to as millennials, are seeking a different type of engagement when betting on sports. These days, users have access to vision of all the games they bet on and, therefore, want a more immersive experience. I believe this alone has been one of the biggest contributing factors to the rise in popularity of in-play betting.”

In-play betting has evolved massively since its emergence 10-15 years ago, with many operators now offering a myriad of in-running markets to attract gamblers and increase volume. The primary catalyst for the more recently steep rise in popularity has been the advent of mobile betting and the penetration of smartphone devices. This has led to in-play betting representing anywhere up to 80% of turnover for most operators across Europe, a region dominated by in-play betting on football.

Lewski explains, “The other significant shift we’ve observed in the industry is the growing attention to player performance and, by extension, player-related betting markets. Another senior industry executive was recently quoted as saying that in certain sports and leagues the players are becoming stronger brands than the teams and I couldn’t agree more with this statement. The NBA is a great example of that ⎯ it’s a sport in its prime in terms of its global appeal and popularity, and it’s solely due to the proliferation of captivating, star players currently in the league.” launch in-play esports betting; Asian Games to include esports

The dedicated esports betting platform, launches a live, in-play betting option, and players will compete in six esports titles at the 2018 Asian Games with Olympic approval the ultimate goal.

Many moons ago I visited the track for my cousin’s birthday. I always had a knife inside of me back then when it came to betting. I had to be careful not to stick myself with it.

My wife at the time, who would, for a good reason, worry about my increasing capacity to lose my shit whenever I could gamble, came up with the brilliant idea of placing our bets on the Internet before we left for the track, preventing the knife from twisting and turning.

It was a brilliant idea until it wasn’t.

At home, agen piala dunia where my keys lived in the cupboard with the squid, anchor and seahorse I was a rational man. Stick me in the middle of a track, steam coming out of a mare’s nose, bookies with chalk-stained fingers screaming shit that I never understood, and the knife works lose and cuts me to ribbons.

Live betting.

There’s nothing like it.

The dedicated esports sportsbook,, knows this, and that’s why they’ve recently rolled out a live betting product.

According to iGaming Business, the new live, in-play offering, is available as I type. The first significant event where punters used the platform was ESL Birmingham where locked up the title and $500,000 first prize.

A Rivalry spokesperson said the move towards in-play, live betting came about as a way to satisfy their consumers “appetite for more contextual and rapid wagering options”.

Research indicates that this move will be the last that people distinguish with a traditional sportsbook before dashing headlong into more innovative and challenging content designed to provide Rivalry customers with a “dynamic and exciting experience”.

Rivalry, licensed in the Isle of Man, launched in February. In April, they released the Rivalry Academy, a home where esports enthusiasts new to betting can learn the ropes. It’s an insight into the core values of a company that values honesty and transparency highly. Backing that up, Rivalry is also a member of the Esports Integrity Coalition ESIC.

Esports to Feature in 2018 Asian Games

We’re inching closer to a video game professional winning an Olympic gold medal after organisers agreed that six esports titles would feature at the 2018 Asian Games as Official Demonstration Sports.

Those six titles are:

League of Legends LOL.Clash RoyaleHonor of KingsPESStarCraft IIHearthstone

The Asian Games, held every four years, is recognised by the International Olympic Committee IOC as being the second largest multi-sport event in the world after the Olympics.

The 2018 iteration takes place at Jakarta-Palembang, Indonesia Aug 18 – Sep 2, and Tencent has a big part to play in proceedings. Not only are three of the games Tencent owned titles, but they will also manage the broadcasting alongside the Olympic Council of Asia.

New Jersey Legislature OKs bill to legalize sports betting

New Jersey’s casinos and racetracks are waiting for the starter’s gun to begin offering sports betting now that the state Legislature has approved a bill to legalize it.

All eyes were on Gov. Phil Murphy on Thursday, immediately after the state Assembly and Senate unanimously passed a bill to allow sports betting three weeks after winning a U.S. Supreme Court case that cleared the way for them and all other states to do so.

Casinos and racetracks itched to begin taking bets on baseball, basketball, soccer and other sports. But the Democratic governor would not signal whether he would sign the bill — or even when he might decide.

“He said he wants to act quickly, but the legislation will be subject to the same thorough review that all legislation sent to him for signature is subject to,” said his spokesman, Dan Bryan.

While some top lawmakers said they expected Monmouth Park, a racetrack near the Jersey shore in Oceanport, to begin taking bets Friday, others said they expected Murphy to consider the bill during the weekend before acting.

Adding to the confusion was an action the legislators took before approving the bill: They stripped out a provision that would have prohibited any casino or track from beginning to offer sports betting before the bill was signed. Republican state Sen. Declan O’Scanlan said that technically enabled Monmouth to begin taking sports bets right away.

John Heims, situs judi online a spokesman for the track, said it would not take any sports bets Thursday night, adding it “should know soon when we are starting.” Other first-day movers would likely include Atlantic City’s Borgata casino.

Three weeks ago, New Jersey prevailed in a Supreme Court case that struck down a federal law limiting sports betting to just four states. Now, any state is free to adopt laws legalizing it, and analysts expect most to do so. A report this week by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming predicted that only six states will not have approved sports betting by 2023.

Former state Sen. Raymond Lesniak, who led the fight for sports betting for eight years, predicted it will help turn around Atlantic City, where casino gambling had been in decline. The state’s casinos and racetracks would be able to offer sports betting once the governor signs the bill.

“Today is the day that New Jersey gets the same benefits that Las Vegas does,” he said. “During the Super Bowl or the NACC Tournament, in Las Vegas you can’t get a hotel room and Atlantic City is a ghost town. This will change that.”

Three of the professional sports leagues were not happy over the lack of “integrity fee” payments they say would help them police betting patterns and called for better information sharing. In a joint statement, Major League Baseball, the NBA and the PGA Golf Tournament called on Murphy to “fix” the bill before acting on it.

“The legislation does not include basic protections to mitigate risks to the integrity of sports and to ensure fairness for New Jersey consumers,” they said. “The bill allows for the creation of non-transparent betting markets that deny sports leagues critical tools to monitor betting activity and conduct integrity investigations. Additionally, the bill does not require casinos or the regulator to notify sports leagues of potential match fixing or other improper conduct.”

Minesweeper HMS Mistletoe enjoyed a second life as a gambling ship off Newport Beach

Jim Fournier, author of the 1996 book “Tales of Balboa: Rogues, Rascals, Gamblers and Gambols,” wrote, “During the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s, wide-open gambling was commonplace in Balboa. In fact, many believed that taxes levied by the city on illegal gambling operations kept the city of Newport Beach out of bankruptcy during the Depression. All the games were fixed in one way or another, and the slot machines had shims placed in their gears so they would not stop at the jackpot.”

If I tried to buy an oil filter at an auto parts store and was refused service because I’m a Mormon, that would be improper discrimination. But if I asked a professional photographer to capture the joy of my daughter’s wedding on the steps of an LDS temple, a photographer who thinks Mormons are a cult should not be forced to participate.

NFL owners are requiring players to stand for the national anthem or stay in the locker room during that ceremony. The White House canceled the traditional appearance with Super Bowl victors Philadelphia Eagles. Is the NFL action a breach of First Amendment rights, or do owners have the right to demand compliance?

Pignanelli: Players have a right to peaceful protest. Fans will tolerate — to varying degrees — players’ expression of beliefs until such actions infringe upon performance or inhibit enjoyment. Then ticket sales will resolve the matter.

Webb: The owners certainly have the right to order players to respect the flag and anthem, situs judi bola especially because the players have an out by entering the field after the anthem is played. I have no sympathy for players who hijack a football game to make a political statement that most Americans oppose.

As for President Donald Trump disinviting the Eagles, he should simply end the tradition of sports teams going to the White House. It’s obvious that many sports superstars don’t like Trump and will try to embarrass him by saying they need to stay home and mow the lawn.

The Supreme Court recently authorized states to engage in sports betting. It also is expected to rule on state political district gerrymandering and allowing states to collect sales taxes on internet purchases. Do these cases give cause for Utahns to rejoice or grumble?

Pignanelli: Utah will continue to prohibit gambling thank goodness, since I am easily tempted. Online sales taxation has received little attention, but it will impact every Utahn. This issue needs to be solved so Utah and other states can adapt their revenue policies accordingly.

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Webb: The Supreme Court, thankfully, seems to favor turning a little power back to the states. Utah may be the last state standing against any form of gambling, and that’s OK. Every state needs its niche, its competitive advantage. Clean, safe and respectable isn’t a bad one.

Sizzling issues — religious freedom, sports betting, athletes and the anthem

Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP

In this Monday, Sept. 12, 2016, file photo, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid 35 and quarterback Colin Kaepernick 7 kneel during the national anthem before an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams in Santa Clara, Calif.

It’s hot — meteorologically and politically. Several simmering issues may hit the boiling point, especially decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Court of Public Opinion.

The now-famous baker, Jack Phillips, argued that his First Amendment rights of free speech and religious expression allowed him to decline to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Human rights advocates argued harm to the LGBT community and other minorities if Phillips prevailed. The Supreme Court artfully dodged a final constitutional determination on the matter by issuing a narrow ruling supporting Phillips because he was unfairly treated by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Can this controversy be resolved?

Pignanelli: “The civil rights movement was based on faith.” — John Lewis

This case evolved into a classic melodrama with Phillips as the hapless victim engendering sympathy because of persecution by the villainous commission, agen sbobet which mocked his religious beliefs during the initial hearing. The court was compelled to play the hero and prevent further government-sponsored criticism of First Amendment rights.

Many Americans express concern with the heavy hand of government forcing the baker to provide products for use in same-sex marriages, which his faith opposes. But ask those same Americans if the baker can refuse service because the customer is African-American, Jewish or Mormon, and the sentiment immediately disappears as such conduct is outrageous discrimination.

Thus, the dilemma.

Americans have a fundamental constitutional right to express their religious beliefs in an open manner. But merchants in the public arena are prohibited — by equally important principles — from using faith to deny goods and services to customers solely for their race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. The Supreme Court will eventually structure a coexistence of both absolutes, because to rule otherwise will encourage supremacists to use a religious ploy in commerce to denigrate and harm minorities and not suffer legal ramifications — a frightening scenario.

No need for the boos and hisses of a melodrama. Americans can respect each other’s religious beliefs while allowing all to participate in the public marketplace without fear of discrimination.

Webb: The court showed that reason, compromise and goodwill can sooth conflicts between freedom of religion and unfair discrimination. But both sides must be willing to concede a little and acknowledge some merit in the other side’s viewpoint. The problem is militants on both sides would prefer to fight and call names rather than solve problems.

Horsing around with sports-betting, Murphy swallows his own poison pill | Mulshine

It’s almost as if Phil Murphy were trying to write the textbook on how not to be a first-year governor.

At the end of the week, Murphy had a perfect opportunity for a photo op at Monmouth Park Racetrack, which is a mere 4 miles from his house as the crow flies – or the racehorse runs.

The picture would have shown the governor doing a grip-and-grin with the racetrack officials as they celebrated the opening of a sports-betting operation that would stimulate the local economy and provide some much-needed tax revenue for that budget he needs to get passed in the next three weeks.

Murphy could have thanked all the people who helped New Jersey win a historic victory in the U.S. Supreme Court that will permit the state to provide a badly needed source of year-round revenue to the racetracks and the Atlantic City casinos.

All he had to do was sign the bill that passed both houses of the Legislature Thursday unanimously.

How could a first-year governor mess that up?

In textbook fashion, that’s how.

First, agen piala dunia Murphy said through his staff that he would have to have his counsel look at the bill, even though they already knew what was in it.

Then the administration reinserted into the discussion a “poison pill” that the Legislature had just taken out.

That was a proviso that any track or casino that started accepting bets before the bill was enacted would forfeit the chance to get a gambling license once the bill was signed.

Senate President Steve Sweeney had inserted that pill into the bill a couple weeks earlier, after that Supreme Court decision was announced.

The sports leagues had gotten an injunction preventing the tracks and casinos from opening sports betting operations. Once the court removed the injunction, Monmouth Park was free to start collecting sports bets.

That was the plan of Dennis Drazin, who runs the track.

But Sweeney wanted a couple weeks to write legislation taxing and regulating sports betting, so he inserted a proviso inserting the pill. He was counting on passing the bill in a couple of weeks.

But he didn’t count on Murphy. Early in the week, there were rumblings to the effect that the governor would hold up the bill as leverage to help him in the budget fight. That might have meant sports betting couldn’t begin until perhaps July.

So out came the pill on Thursday when the bill passed. That meant Monmouth could start taking bets as soon as Friday regardless of whether Murphy signed the bill.

Sports Betting came to Monmouth Park Sunday – sort of

As the legislature works out the details, Monmouth Park prepares for the first day of legal Sports Betting in the Garden State. Peter Ackerman Steve Edelson

Two-Year-Old Sports Betting #5 with Paco Lopez riding broke his maiden at first asking in the 1st race at Monmouth Park in Oceanport, New Jersey on Sunday June 10, 2018 for OwnerBreeder Dennis Drazin. Ryan DenverEQUI-PHOTO

Sports Betting came to Monmouth Park on Sunday.

It really did. Or more accurately, he really did.

While Monmouth Park had hoped to become the first facility in the state to take advantage of the sports betting bill approved by Trenton lawmakers on Thursday, Governor Phil Murphy has yet to sign the bill into law.

But while the Oceanport racetrack’s $2.5-million William Hill Sports Bar remains closed, it was a 2-year-old colt named Sports Betting, owned by Monmouth Park president and CEO Dennis Drazin, making his debut a winning one in the first race on Sunday.

Trained by Jason Servis, situs judi online Sports Betting went off as a heavy favorite and didn’t disappoint in the $36,000 maiden special weight race, leading every step of the way in posted a two-length victory, turing back a challenge by Babbo Babbo Babbo down the stretch.

Ridden by Paco Lopez, Sports Betting is the a Kentucky-bred son of Shanghai Bobby, out of the Smarty Jones mare  Smarty Bull.

The hope had been that sports betting, considered an important alternative revenue stream, would make it to the track before the young colt. Drazin was one of the driving forces in New Jersey’s seven-year legal battle that resulted in the Supreme Court of the United States ruling that the law banning sports wagering was unconstitional.

At least on this day, however, there was Sports Betting at Monmouth Park.

Stephen Edelson: sedelsongannettnjm; SteveEdelsonAPP

Gov. Phil Murphy speaks at a news conference at the Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick on Friday.Brent Johnson | NJ Advance Media for NJm

Murphy also brushed aside criticism over how he already announced he would sign a set of gun control bills Wednesday that the state Senate passed Thursday, noting the Assembly already passed them more than a month ago.

He said the sports betting bill was still being altered up until Thursday’s vote.

“Big difference,” Murphy said during the news conference at the Heldrich Hotel. “Those bills that got voted on the Senate yesterday, we had visibility on them from the Assembly for six weeks. We had already kicked the tires.”

Brent Johnson may be reached at bjohnsonnjadvancemediam. johnsb01. Find NJm Politics on .

No N.J. sports betting yet, but Murphy insists he’s not ‘sitting on it’

Gov. Phil Murphy said Friday he doesn’t have a timetable for when he’ll act on a bill that would authorize legal sports betting in New Jersey a but he insisted he’s not “sitting on it.”

“I want sports betting,” Murphy said during a news conference in New Brunswick. “Believe me a I want to place the first bet in New Jersey if I can. But we want to make sure we do it right. We just got the bill. We’re going through it, and we’re not gonna sit on it.”

“We’re going to have sports betting sooner than later in New Jersey,” he added. “We’re really excited about that.”

The fate of New Jersey sports betting is now in Murphy’s hands after both houses of the state Legislature voted overwhelmingly Thursday to pass the bill, which would regulate and tax such wagering online and in person at the Garden State’s casinos and racetracks.

The vote came less than a month after the U.S. Supreme Court handed New Jersey a victory in its seven-year, $9 million case to legalize betting on sports games.

Murphy now has 45 days to either sign or veto the legislation. Asked if he’ll take all 45 days to act, Murphy said: “I sure as heck would hope not.”

No sports betting in N.J. until Murphy says so

Lawmakers from both political parties are asking Murphy to act quickly a not only because New Jersey has already waited years for this but because the Supreme Court allowed states around the U.S. to legalize such betting, situs judi bola and legislators here want to capitalize on the tax revenue as soon as possible.

State Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, R-Monmouth, said New Jersey is about to miss out on “a really big weekend for sports.” The Belmont Stakes, NBA Finals, Mets vs. Yankees Subway Series, French Open and more are on the schedule.

“That is a huge missed opportunity and an even bigger loss for our gambling industry,” DiMaso added.

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick, R-Union, also called on Murphy to sign the bill immediately.

“Let’s not play politics after years of hard-fought litigation,” Bramnick said. “The state is losing revenue every day we wait.”

But Murphy said he’s not going to “change my stripes just because it’s a big weekend.”

Then there’s the issue of Monmouth Park. Officials at the Oceanport racetrack say their long-awaited sports betting operation is ready to go. And lawmakers stripped out language from the bill that would have penalized casinos and tracks if they started betting before Murphy signs the measure into law