Minesweeper HMS Mistletoe enjoyed a second life as a gambling ship off Newport Beach

Jim Fournier, author of the 1996 book “Tales of Balboa: Rogues, Rascals, Gamblers and Gambols,” wrote, “During the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s, wide-open gambling was commonplace in Balboa. In fact, many believed that taxes levied by the city on illegal gambling operations kept the city of Newport Beach out of bankruptcy during the Depression. All the games were fixed in one way or another, and the slot machines had shims placed in their gears so they would not stop at the jackpot.”

If I tried to buy an oil filter at an auto parts store and was refused service because I’m a Mormon, that would be improper discrimination. But if I asked a professional photographer to capture the joy of my daughter’s wedding on the steps of an LDS temple, a photographer who thinks Mormons are a cult should not be forced to participate.

NFL owners are requiring players to stand for the national anthem or stay in the locker room during that ceremony. The White House canceled the traditional appearance with Super Bowl victors Philadelphia Eagles. Is the NFL action a breach of First Amendment rights, or do owners have the right to demand compliance?

Pignanelli: Players have a right to peaceful protest. Fans will tolerate — to varying degrees — players’ expression of beliefs until such actions infringe upon performance or inhibit enjoyment. Then ticket sales will resolve the matter.

Webb: The owners certainly have the right to order players to respect the flag and anthem, situs judi bola especially because the players have an out by entering the field after the anthem is played. I have no sympathy for players who hijack a football game to make a political statement that most Americans oppose.

As for President Donald Trump disinviting the Eagles, he should simply end the tradition of sports teams going to the White House. It’s obvious that many sports superstars don’t like Trump and will try to embarrass him by saying they need to stay home and mow the lawn.

The Supreme Court recently authorized states to engage in sports betting. It also is expected to rule on state political district gerrymandering and allowing states to collect sales taxes on internet purchases. Do these cases give cause for Utahns to rejoice or grumble?

Pignanelli: Utah will continue to prohibit gambling thank goodness, since I am easily tempted. Online sales taxation has received little attention, but it will impact every Utahn. This issue needs to be solved so Utah and other states can adapt their revenue policies accordingly.

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Webb: The Supreme Court, thankfully, seems to favor turning a little power back to the states. Utah may be the last state standing against any form of gambling, and that’s OK. Every state needs its niche, its competitive advantage. Clean, safe and respectable isn’t a bad one.

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